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Navigating the Seas of Yacht Transport

Yacht Owners are often allured to the dream of the open sea, the wind in your hair, and the freedom to explore distant shores. However, the logistics of getting a yacht from one exotic location to another can be a daunting task, especially during the sale and purchase process. Yacht transport via professional yacht crew offers a seamless solution to relocate assets in a cost effective and convenient manner, eliminating complicated shipping administration, awkward locations, difficult schedules, and risk of damage.

Professional Yacht delivery involves the careful planning, preparation, and navigation from one destination to another using the vessels own hull and machinery. Whether you are relocating your yacht, participating in a regatta, or simply exploring new cruising grounds, yacht delivery offers an efficient alternative to yacht transport.

Benefits of Yacht Delivery

1. Time Efficiency:

The yacht can depart as soon as its ready, rather than waiting on a suitable container ship and route, port delays or other complications.

2. Cost-Effectiveness:

Yacht Delivery is typically much more cost-effective than yacht transport, considering the additional port fee’s, loading and unloading, additional insurance and the potential damage during logistics.


With professional crew onboard during a passage they can care for the yacht with regular wash downs, cleaning and detailing to keep your asset in top condition.


Yacht delivery can relocate the yacht from its current location to the exact destination, eliminating passage through commercial ports or inconvenient shipping routes.


Yacht delivery opens up a world of possibilities, enabling yacht owners fly in to join their yacht in distant cruising grounds without the hassle and time-consuming relocation process.

To prepare for your yacht delivery, ensure that the vessel is in good working condition, remove any valuables and confirm with insurance company coverage for the desired route. Your professional delivery crew will then carefully plan and plot the passage taking into account weather forecasts, fuel burn rates and safest itinerary.

During the passage the captain communicates daily progress reports to the designated person ashore (DPA) who monitors the yacht progress, relays any news and monitors any potential weather concerns.

Professional Yacht delivery offers a convenient and efficient way for yacht owners to relocate vessels to their exact desired destination without waiting for future shipping dates, inconvenient commercial ports or the stress of loading and unloading procedures. By entrusting your vessel to experienced professionals, you can embark on adventures near and far, focusing on enjoying your yacht and maximising your time onboard.