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Blog 4 - Crew Dynamics 1

Delivering successful crew dynamics onboard a yacht

The importance of teamwork and good communication can make or break a yacht delivery or experience when cruising with guests onboard. Having clear and open lines of between all crew members ensures everyone understands their role and also has the confidence to openly discuss any concerns or make suggestions to improve the overall delivery of services.

The process of building a great team starts during the recruitment process and engaging with professionals that have the necessary skills for the job but also the personality to interact with others onboard. Once the team is assembled it is important that all crew have a sense of inclusion to contribute to the overall success.

A great example of this is scheduling a discussion between the chef and the crew to ensure everyone gets some input to select their favourite meal or even add a special treat to the shopping list.

As a Captain, a great way to include the deck or interior crew in a yacht delivery passage is to explain the Go / Don’t Go protocols and have them review the weather and conditions together. This will provide a sense of inclusion and reinforce the safety procedures onboard. Its essential that everyone is on the same page when it comes to the plan, any potential hazards or other important factors than could determine the success of a delivery.

When cruising foreign countries and mixing international crew together it is also important to recognise cultural sensitivity, where some crew members may come from different backgrounds and religions. Take the time to understand and appreciate differences to avoid misunderstandings and foster a more positive and productive working environment.

The sense of teamwork and comraderies is rewarded upon arrival as the team can reflect on the obstacles overcome and how they worked through a challenging environment together. The sense of achievement and the shared experience lasts long after the delivery is completed.

Crew dynamics are not static and ever evolving as everyone can have a bad day and its how those around us offer support in a professional yet friendly way that can really make a difference. By remaining calm, open to communication and respectful of others can help to delivery great success. The importance of great crew dynamics cannot be overstated, from clearly defined roles to ensuring a sense of inclusion, cultural sensitivity and flexibility are crucial in building a safe and enjoyable environment and ensure delivery success.